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Customizable Taco catering

The Tacos Oasis Catering crew would love to help you celebrate your next event whether it is a meeting, birthday, or wedding. We are completely customizable and versatile!  Below you can read through our simple list of available packages! If you have any questions or need more information you can call, email, or complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this page. We can't wait to hear from you! 

Easy One-Two

Pick-up: We prepare all of your food and drinks for you. All you need to do is pick up your order from Tacos Oasis and set it up yourself. All the disposable plates and plasticware are included!


Delivery: We prepare the food, drinks, and disposables for you and take it straight to you! Then, you set-up the Fiesta yourself. 

If one of these options suits your needs, click the link below to place your order online.

Full Spread

Lite: The perfect set-up and delivery. We deliver and set-up the food, drinks, and disposables for you to keep everything warm throughout your Fiesta. 

Full: We'll take care of it all. Our most inclusive option includes us delivering the food, setting it up, serving it to your guests, and cleaning up the serving area afterward. We set-up the food in a buffet-style setup divided into two areas. In the first area, our staff will plate the entree and sides, from here your guests will proceed to the second area. The second area is self serve and includes drinks, appetizers, desserts, & all toppings.  We are customizable and are ready to fit your catering needs. 

If either of these options suits your needs complete the form on the bottom of this page for a quote! 

Patio Reservation: If you are looking to host a party on our patio click here! 


Our Bundles are perfectly portioned, individually packaged meals ready for any the taking! Each meal comes with veggies and salsa on the side to allow each person full control to flavor the meal to their liking. Bundles can be picked up or delivered!

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Things to know about our catering services.

  • Food: Our catering menu is the same as the menu at Tacos Oasis. You can view the menu here! Any foods we serve at the restaurant we can serve at your event! 

  • We have a $2,000 minimum required to bring the Tacos Oasis Food Truck to an event. Food must be pre-paid prior to the event. 

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