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The Perfect Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle
The Slapp STREET paddle was designed with the needs of beginners to intermediate players in mind. This paddle offers a forgiving yet responsive feel. It's ideal for honing your skills and mastering the nuances of the game, allowing you to progress and improve with every swing.

Advanced Design for Optimal Performance
The advanced design of our fiberglass pickleball paddle incorporates the latest in paddle technology. From the 3-layers of responsive Fiberglass and Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, to the expertly crafted shape and weight distribution, every aspect is geared towards enhancing your performance on the court.

Outstanding Value
We understand the importance of offering value to our customers. So if you're seeking a paddle that marries power, control, advanced design, and exceptional value, our 3-layered fiberglass pickleball paddle is the perfect choice for you. You won't have to compromise on performance or break the bank to wield a top-tier paddle. Embrace the potential of your game and elevate your playing experience today!

  • 3 Layers of Composite Fiberglass

  • 13mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

  • USAPA Approved

  • 7.6-8.0oz

  • 15.75” Paddle Length

  • 7.8” Paddle Width

  • Perforated and Cushioned Grip

  • 5” Grip Length

  • 4.25” Grip Circumference


2 Weeks
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