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It's Party Time!
our pickle party is a private event reservation held here at tacos oasis!
PErfect for small AND large gatherings,
our pickle party is accessible, easy-to-book, and customizable to each partys' needs!
you will not find a better deal than this as we offer our space for a very low-cost, As well as the best food in town!
For more details check out our FAQ!

I want a Pickle Party! What do I need to do!?

Scroll down to learn how to completely set up your Pickle party in 4 easy steps!

Step 1

Reserving the court

Making sure the court is available is the most important step in your "Pickle Party" process. So headover to our "Pickleball" section and click book now on the Pickle party option or click below on the "Book" option

LARGE PICKLE LOGO_edited_edited_edited.png

Step 2

Need Food?

If you'd like to have food for your guests but don't know where to start, don't worry, we've got you covered! Follow this link and let the taco experts handle it. We will recieve your form and provide you with the best service depending on your preferences and the size of your party! Have your estimated amount of guests ready!

(We are very fast at reaching out once you fill the form!)

LARGE PICKLE LOGO_edited_edited.png
LARGE PICKLE LOGO_edited_edited_edited.png

Step 3


Go crazy with the decoratin'! Just remember to read about our TIME 




(It has to be within the alotted time you booked). ¿Think youll need more than the 3 hours? Feel free to book multiple pickle parties! (3 hour time slots).

LARGE PICKLE LOGO_edited_edited_edited.png

Step 4

Further Details?

Any other questions or concerns, PLEASE reach out to 

It is our pleasure to have you and we typically reply within 48 hours (usually same day but just in case). Our goal is to make this experience as smooth and easy as possible! 

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